Gun Shop Watch List was a private social network for responsible firearm dealers, instructors, and law enforcement.

We aimed to strengthen the informal network of communication that already exists in the firearm community — but are no longer building the product. Click here to find out why…

Gun dealers routinely deny gun sales for all sorts of reasons; including mental health, straw sales, intoxication, and violent comments in the store…

Federal Firearm Licencees (FFLs) are on the front line protecting our community from bad actors already.

We want to empower them and make that job easier.


The US Government, armed with ever expanding surveillance power have proven they’re simply incapable of protecting American citizens from this type of threat.

It’s obvious that our current laws and processes are not working, and revoking Constitutional rights based on watch lists with no oversight is not the answer.

We need to do something, but why is legislation necessary for a process this simple? Why does our government need to spend more tax money on questionable programs?

What about just keeping an eye out for your neighbors? Safety concerns us all. Let’s make the process transparent.

Why is this helpful?

The Orlando shooter visited a gun store weeks before purchasing the firearms used in his eventual shooting spree.

During this first visit he requested body armor and bulk ammunition. An alert store clerk refused to sell him either, then reported the suspicious behavior to the FBI. The FBI was unable to do a thing about it because they lacked information.

Eventually, the shooter purchased weapons from a shop only 10 miles away from the first one he visited.

What if these gun stores could have shared the information not only with the FBI and local law enforcement, but with each other? Could the shooting have been prevented? How many more could we stop if a system like this already existed?

How It Works

We provide a platform for the firearm community to share information about bad actors, nationwide.

  • Federal Firearms Licensees, Firearm Instructors, and others apply for access to the site; providing credentials to ensure their legitimacy.
  • Verified members are able to browse, share information about suspicious encounters, and communicate with each other.
  • When one shop posts an alert, other dealers within driving distance are alerted via email, in-app notification, and/or text message.

See something? Share something.

Did you have a weird encounter with a customer? Someone break in or try to shoplift? Use our platform to record the incident.

Most, if not all gun stores, already have surveillance systems installed.

Just snap a photo of the suspect from that footage and upload it to the app with a description of the encounter. You can also email that same information to a private, custom address listed in your profile.

Reported incidents are automatically tagged with your location, then get sent to other FFLs nearby.

Members can discuss on an incident page, and everything is tracked for future reference. It can also be a reference for police when you call 911.

We Need Your Feedback

We’re currently validating how this could be more useful to the firearm and law enforcement communities.

  • How can we make your life easier as a gun dealer?
  • As a FFL holder or firearm seller, would you use this?
  • How could we help when it comes to…
    • Dealer-to-Dealer eTransfers
    • NICS e-Check
    • Keeping an Electronic Bound Book & staying compliant with the ATF
  • How can we work better with law enforcement?
  • Can you help spread the word about GSWL?

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